Posted by: ppernick | January 13, 2006

Tegan Approves

Day 2 of going back to work went by just as quickly as yesterday.  It helps to come back and have a project ready for you.
Had lunch (and dinner) with Julie today.  Yay!  And an added bonus, Cheong came for dinner too!  It was good to see Cheong again — it’s been so long since we’ve even talked I completely missed a move back to Texas and then back to Puget Sound again.  Hopefully it won’t be so long before we see her again.
And Julie…Julie headed back to Illinois this morning.  I found out that due to her assistanceship she has to stay in Illinois for the summer rather than looking for an internship out here.  *sigh*  At least it sounds like I have a slightly better than chance than I used to of convincing her to come back after library school.
Simeon Stuff
Tegan has finally given her approval of Simeon.  Last night, as people were finishing dinner and I was changing Simeon’s diaper, Tegan came over.  In the past, she’s maybe sniffed Simeon’s hair a bit before continuing on her merry way.  Tonite, however, she actually groomed his hair a bit.  She’s put up with him in the past, but now she’s finally come around and accepted him as part of the family.  Yay!

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