Posted by: ppernick | September 6, 2005

And more time goes by…

I do seem to be pretty bad about updating blogs…

Never did post about my Oregon road trip.  I do have pictures tho.  My favorite is a picture taken in Astoria as Sunset was getting close.

Baby is growing.  I notice I’m growing, but I notice it most when I’m laying down.  I’m still small compared to most other women at my stage, but the doctor doesn’t seem worried.  Had the 32 week ultrasound recently and still didn’t find out gender.  We looked at the skull, heart and abdomen and all are doing well.  Head’s a bit ahead of schedule, abdomen’s a bit behind, but the doctor said that wasn’t surprising and all is going well.  Based on the baby’s activity and development, he no longer thinks it necessary to induce — so we’re working with a due date of Oct. 22.

My mom came in town recently, as did my cousin, Paula.  It was nice…spent a bit of time working from home, but we did get some things done and do a little site seeing.  Paula visited on the ends of an Alaskan cruise.  Apparently she and her friend met a guy I know through softball – though he didn’t recognize my name.  Not sure if he would have recognized my maiden name, but he would have recognized my team name…he subbed for us a couple times.  My mom stayed for a week.  Came for the baby shower and then stayed to overlap Paula’s return visit.  I think I’ll be quite happy when she’s in for a couple weeks after the baby’s born.  She knows the house/kitchen better now too…so that’s good.

Baby shower was fun.  Sue Ann did the invitations, Alyssum put the party together and Carrie opened up her house. Thank you!  We got a lot of nice gifts and I’m slowly making my way through the thank yous…

Ari and I did manage to purchase baby furniture recently.  We bought the dresser/changing table, hutch and crib.  If you click the picture for “Sydney“ you can get a better look at the style we chose.  We got a darker wood, but that’s the look at least.  I wish I could find an even better picture, but we’ll just have to post pictures when it comes in.

Enjoyed the long labor day weekend.  Checked out the Redmond farmer’s market and took a trip to Ikea with some friends.  Ended up getting more than expected, but at least it was a lot of small stuff that should help us organize the house.  Went to Bumbershoot.  Figures that it would pour during the one band we all really liked.  Course we stayed out in the rain and now our camera doesn’t work and my phone is still drying out (at least it works – hopefully when the front display drys out I’ll be able to use caller-id again).  And yesterday, we went to a bbq.  It was a nice afternoon with good company and we finally met Jared.

*sigh*  Time to get back to work.  We’ll see if I get any better with the blogging thing.

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