Posted by: ppernick | April 20, 2005

Baby Size Comparisons

When Ari and I discovered I was pregnant, we went to the bookstore and found a pregancy guide book.  We chose Great Expectations, which includes a week-by-week guide plus loads of another information from pregancy to early childcare.

Since it just so happens that the beginning of each week of pregnancy is roughly Sunday/Monday, we have been reading the week-by-week sections over the weekend.  Each weekly guide includes a “Size” section, which provides a rough idea of the size of the fetus and usually includes an interesting comparison…

Weeks 2 and 3 (Fetal Age 1-14 days):  Fits on the head of a pin
Week 4 (Fetal Age 2 weeks): Barely visible to the naked eye
Week 5 (Fetal Age 3 weeks): Embryo is about the size of a grain of sand
Week 6 (Fetal Age 4 weeks): Embryo and yolk sac are about the size of an M&M
Week 7 (Fetal Age 5 weeks): Baby weighs no more than a chocolate chip or a berry
Week 8 (Fetal Age 6 weeks): Baby is about the size of your thumbprint
Week 9 (Fetal Age 7 weeks): no fun comparison this week…about 3/4″ long
Week 10 (Fetal Age 8 weeks): Baby is roughly the size of a garden beetle
Week 11 (Fetal Age 9 weeks): Baby is about the size of a peanut
Week 12 (Fetal Age 10 weeks): Baby’s crown-to-rump height is about as tall as a squash ball

And this week…

Week 13 (Fetal Age 11 weeks): Baby’s length is the size of a medium goldfish.

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