Posted by: ppernick | December 14, 2004

We're getting a grocery store…

The mayor of Snoqualmie (Fuzzy Fletcher) sent an e-mail to the Snoqualmie Yahoo! group today (pasted below)…. QFC is on it’s way!  I’ll admit I would much rather have had Trader Joe’s.  But we’re finally getting a grocery store – I’ll take what I can get!

Pasted e-mails:

Below is an open letter to all Snoqualmie Residents, thought the Yahoo group would enjoy it before others get it. To add to this info, representatives from QFC made a short announcement at the CC meeting last night and stated that they where on a timeline to have all the permits done and to get a shovel in the dirt by spring of 2005. I asked how long it takes to build a store and they said approx. 6 months. I’ll let all of you do your own math but I’m guessing the next time you all want to buy a Thanksgiving turkey, you’ll be able to shop at a local QFC.

This, of course, means that QFC has to provide the City with all the required documents and get all the permits. The City will do its job fairly and quickly, if QFC, will follow the standards and do their job fairly and quickly.



An open Letter to Residents of Snoqualmie.

As many of you are aware, there has been considerable discussion about Quality Food Centers (QFC) construction of a new grocery store at Snoqualmie Ridge.  There have been some conflicting information about this project and QFC would like to make residents aware of the current status.

First, QFC is working with the owner of the land where the grocery store is to be located.  This is not the Quadrant Corporation.  Quadrant sold this parcel of land, as well as the other retail parcels, to Mark McDonald a local real estate developer.  QFC and Mr. McDonald have been working together to come to an agreement where QFC would purchase the grocery site from Mr. McDonald.  Transactions of this sort are complicated and can take time to finish but it is hoped that the land purchase will be completed shortly after the beginning of 2005. 

In anticipation of this transaction, QFC has had several discussions with officials at the City of Snoqualmie including Mayor Fuzzy Fletcher, members of the City Council, Planning Director Nancy Tucker and other staff members at the City.  The design standards for Snoqualmie Ridge are rigorous.  Many of them are difficult to incorporate into a typical site plan and building layout for a grocery store to provide reasonable access both for pedestrians and for motor vehicles. 

After updating the City Council on the status of the project on November 8th, QFC submitted to City staff the required “Memorandum of Understanding” together with the mandatory $5,000 fee on November 12, 2004.  On December 3rd, QFC submitted the proposed site plan and architectural building elevations to the City Building and Planning Department.  These drawings are on file with the City for any resident to review.  Additional drawings as required by the City are currently being prepared by architectural and civil engineers and should be submitted within the next two to three weeks.  These plans show a 40,000 square foot full service grocery store including deli, bakery, service meat and seafood, produce, drive-thru pharmacy and fuel station.

While writing a letter of this sort is not typical, QFC is pleased to keep the lines of communication open.  Again, we invite any interested party to review what has been submitted and let your public officials know your thoughts.  QFC desires to build a store which will serve the needs of Snoqualmie Ridge residents as well as residents of the City of Snoqualmie.  This is a sizeable investment.  QFC looks forward to completing this store and serving the residents of this wonderful community.


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